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Welcome to the Main stage for #AAF23. Here you can find the full weekend's schedule for the Main stage, catch up on some of our AAF favourites from the virtual events gone by and find out a bit more on who is speaking on the Main Stage this year. Scroll down to find out more!

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Check out the below for a full list of amazing speakers who will be featuring on the main stage at #AAF23. They've all got some incredible stories to tell and you can find out more about all by clicking their individual icons.

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20:00: Welcome from The Sidecar Guys & Adventure Open Mic night
21:00: Live Music from Black Friday

FRIDAY 28/07
10:30: 50 Years of Messing Around with Land Rovers - Toby Savage
11:30: Exploring the South West by Paddleboard - 100 amazing routes - Lisa Drew
12:30: Race to Scotland - Ken Fowler

14:30: Panel Chat: Mental Health and Adventure - hosted by Belinda Kirk 
15:30: When the road ends - lost in the Pacific on a motorbike - Dylan Wickrama
16:30: Fall Forward: Life isn't Always Perfect - Vanessa Ruck
18:30: The Vendee Global - Conrad Humphreys
19:30: Rowing the Atlantic - Roz and Andy (Atlantic Escapade)
20:30: Live Music from Chaini
21:30 Live Music from King Dinosaur!

10:30: Adventure Photography Workshop Part 1 with Simon and Lisa Thomas AKA 2 Ride the World
11:30: The Lightweight Adventurers: Should you pack a plan?
12:30: Women in Adventure Panel 
14:30: Extreme Medicine - Will Duffin
15:30: Mongolia on a Vespa - Emma Trenchard
16:30: Around the World on a Scooter and Sidecar - The Sidecar Guys
18:30: Sally Orange
19:30: A Life of Adventure and Exploration - John Blashford-Snell
20:30: Live Music from Rue
21:30 Live music from Echo Town

SUNDAY 30/07
10:30: Adventure Photography Workshop Part 2 with Simon and Lisa Thomas AKA 2 Ride the World
11:30: A Plan to Cross Antarctica Solo - Sam Cox
12:30: London to China via Pakistan, The President and The Prime Minister - Ben King
14:00 Film: Rally for Rangers followed  by Live Q&A with Louisa Swaden
15:30: From Dreams to Reality: Empowering Women - Sarah Williams 
16:30: Against All Odds: Triumph Over Taliban and Riding into history as Pakistan's First Female Motorcyclist - Guliafshan Tariq
18:30: Putting my Brave Pants on: from corporate suits to hiking boots, Everest, The 7 Summits and Beyond - Jo Bradshaw
19:30: Race for the Future - James Levelle
20:30: Live Music from The Wave Machine

21:30 Live Music from Land of the Giants


A look back through AAF...

We cannot wait to hear from some of the incredible speakers that will be taking to the main stage at this years Armchair Adventure Festival. For those who cannot make it, or who would like to catch up on the some of the virtual content from previous years. Why not check out some of the highlights from AAF way back in 2020. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out the main stage of #AAF23. If you'd like to check out more virtual content you can visit The Armchair Adventure Festival Youtube channel or do head back to the virtual map, click the below!

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