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The Armchair Adventure Festival Bootcamp

The Armchair Adventure Festival Bootcamp is here to help you go on the adventure of your dreams. With workshops on everything from funding to photography, it’s a crash course on how to make that dream trip a reality, and how to capture the memories when you go.

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You’ve kicked back in your armchair and watched countless tales of adventure. Now it’s time for your own!

The Armchair Adventure Festival Bootcamp is here to help you go on the adventure of your dreams. With workshops on everything from funding to photography, it’s a crash course on how to make that dream trip a reality, and how to capture the memories when you go.

Hosted by The Sidecar Guys and with masterclasses, workshops and presentations from leading adventurers like Austin Vince, Simon and Lisa Thomas, Karl Bushy, Kinga Tanajewska, Sam Manicom and Steph Jeavons this is a ‘must do’ for anyone who is in to adventure travel.

The event took place live from 26th-28th February 2021 but you can still access to the recordings of all of the sessions for just £45. The price includes access to over 30 hours of content for six months plus your very own Armchair Adventure Festival notebook and sticker.

What sessions are included? 17 Years On The Road, Simon and Lisa Thomas – Simon and Lisa take us through some of the highlights of their 17 years on the road. With never before seen footage and incredible imagery this will leave you inspired to get on the road! Ocean Rowing, Sarah Outen MBE – Sarah circumnavigated the globe under her own steam, including crossing the oceans! This session takes a look at what it’s like to cross an ocean and what you need to consider if you’re planning on heading out to sea. UK Road Trips, Nathan Millward – Nathan takes us through tips and tricks for UK adventures and how to find hidden gems here in the UK. Making a Film About Your Adventures, Austin Vince – Founder of the Adventure Travel Film Festival and the man behind two hit tv series, Austin Vince, gives a two hour masterclass on how to make a film about your adventures- a must watch for all budding film makers. Cycling Adventure, Jamie Ramsay – Planning on jumping in the saddle and pedalling off into the sunset? Watch this one first – Jamie shares countless tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your cycling adventures. Planning Big Overland Adventures, Julia Sanders – Julia is the co-founder of Globebusters and she takes us through how to organise big motorcycle and overlanding adventures! Looking For Freedom – It’s a Gear Thing, Sam Manicom – After 8 years on the road and 200,000 miles of travel, Sam has picked up more than a few tips and tricks for overlanding adventure. This is a must attend for anyone planning on taking on an overlanding adventure! Making Money On The Road, Kinga Tanajewska – How do you fund these big adventures? It’s the questions we all ask – now it’s time to get the answers. Kinga lets you in on how she manages to afford a life of adventure. Safety in the Wildest Places, Tiffany Coates – One of the world’s foremost adventure motorcyclists and one of the UK’s most highly qualified self defence tutors, teaches you how to stay safe in the wild! Adventure First Aid, Richard Pyshorn – After a 30 year career in the UK military as a Force Protection Specialist and having served 10 tours of duty all around the world, Richard knows a thing or two about how to stay alive when things turn south! He takes us through some emergency first aid and talks about survival psychology in this life saving session! Adventure Photography, Simon and Lisa Thomas – After 17 years on the road Simon and Lisa Thomas have taken a whopping 1.2 million pictures. They’re professional photographers and in this masterclass they take us through how to snap your pics and then what to do with them in the editing studio., Planning For Extreme Environments, Karl Bushy – Karl has been walking home to Hull from Argentina since 1998. He’s walked across the pack ice from Alaska to Russia and through the impenetrable Darien Gap, he knows a thing or two about surviving in the wild and this top tips session will get you prepared for the wildest places on earth. Circumnavigating Every Continent, Spencer Conway and Cathy Nel – Fun stories from attempting to ride around every continent on earth. Spencer and Cathy join us from Mexico where they are currently holding up and waiting for the world to open up, ready for the journey into the Darien Gap! Charity Challenge Adventures, Matt and Reece (AKA The Sidecar Guys) – Fancy using your trip to raise money for your favourite charity? Great! But watch this one first to find out why and how you should do it! Solo Adventures, Steph Jeavons – Steph rode around the world for four years on her own and become the first person to ride a motorbike on all 7 continents while circumnavigating the globe. In this session she shares exactly what it’s like to take on that kind of solo challenge and things to consider if you’re thinking of doing something similar. Kayaking Adventures, Olie Hunter Smart – As one of only a handful of people to kayak source to sea on the Amazon River, Olie gives an insight into what it’s like to take on a kayaking adventure. With loads of tips and tricks for planning your own adventures this one is a session for all of you who love to paddle. Social Media Mini-Masterclass, Vanessa Ruck – Join the Girl On The Bike to find out what the hell this algorithm is all about and how you make it your friend. Adventure in India, Candida Louis – Thinking of touring India, let Candida Louis show you where to go! This session is delivered by one of India’s foremost adventure bikers! International Overlanding Tips and Tricks, Dag Grec – If you’re planning any kind of overlanding journey this one is a must watch. A full session of countless money and time saving tips and tricks. Van Life, Adam and Tania (AKA Jits into the Sunset) – What’s it really like to live in a van? Find out what ‘s behind those awesome Instagram images with Adam and Tania! Writing About Your Adventures, Jonathan and Roseann Hanson – Authors and overlanding experts Roseann and Jonathan Hanson join us to talk about how to write for publication.

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