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We’re assembling the word’s leading adventurers at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park from 24th -26th September.


From ocean rowers to adventure bikers, we'll have all kinds of different adventurers along. Check out below for the speakers who are already released and make sure you keep an eye on this page for the many more speakers to come!


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Conrad Humphreys

Conrad is a triple round the world yachtsman. He competed as the youngest entrant in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. he led his team to victory in the BT Global Challenge and became the fifth British yachtsman in history to complete the legendary Vendée Globe, single-handed, non-stop around the world. Most recently Conrad sailed 4,000 miles across open ocean in a recreation of Captain Blight's epic story of survival, Mutiny on the Bounty, for Channel 4. 


Belinda Kirk

Belinda is an explorer, author, speaker, and the leading voice promoting the benefits of adventure on wellbeing. Belinda has led numerous expeditions, biological research missions, and remote filming trips for the BBC. She has walked across Nicaragua, searched for camels in China’s Desert of Death, discovered ancient rock paintings in Lesotho, pioneered inclusive expeditions for people with disabilities, and gained a Guinness World Record for rowing unsupported around Britain.


Ash Bhardwaj

Ash is a respected film maker and travel journalist who has reported from some of the most challenging locations on the planet. He has travelled to Everest with wounded British soldiers, walked with explorers through Sudan’s Bayuda Desert, embarked on a pilgrimage with his father’s ashes to the source of the River Ganges and encountered the Area Boys of Lagos Nigeria. As a cameraman, Ash accompanied Levison Wood for 700 miles of his Walking The Nile expedition, filming extensively in Uganda and the Sahara.

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Simon & Lisa Thomas

Lisa & Simon first went out to ride around the world in May of 2003 and have since ridden an insane 500,000 miles! They’ve survived a broken neck and malaria in the Amazon, being shot at in Russia, traversed 36 deserts, and were threatened with expulsion having been wrongfully accused of kidnapping a President’s son. After 17 years on the road they've got a few stories to tell.  


Elspeth Beard

Elspeth is a motorcyclist and award-winning architect. In 1982, at the age of just twenty-three, Elspeth set off on a 35,000 mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW R60/6, and became one of the first women to motorcycle around the world. Her book 'Lone Rider' is one of the most well known, motorcycle adventure travel books around and is a truly captivating read.

Elspeth will be delivering a talk about her trailblazing trip at the festival and if you've not had chance to read Lone Rider before, you'll be able to pick yourself up a signed copy from Elspeth at the event!

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Alex Bescoby

Alex is a self confessed history nerd and award-winning filmmaker with a love of travel, history and story telling. He's completed some epic overland journeys. The most recent of which saw him drive from Singapore to London to recreate the 1955 Far Easter Expedition in one of the original Land Rovers used in 1955.

Alex and his team took the vehicle 10,000 miles back to the UK, forging a path through dense rainforests, towering mountain ranges and arid deserts. We can't wait to hear about this truly incredible journey! 

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Kevin Merrey

Kev Merrey is director, filmmaker and photographer at SkyRise Productions. Working with many adventurers and endurance athletes, Kev has filmed and photographed in some incredible locations around the world and is fast becoming one of the UK’s top content producers in his field. he’s worked with some incredible adventurers and athletes including endurance athlete Sean Conway, F1 star Mark Webber and multi record-breaking cyclist Jonas Deichmann. He'll be running a workshop in filmmaking at the festival.


The Sidecar Guys

Armchair Adventure Festival hosts and founders, Matt and Reece, hold the unique Guinness World Record for the longest ever journey by scooter and sidecar. In total, they travelled 34,000 miles through 35 countries and 5 continents all by scooter and sidecar. They'll be talking about the biggest challenge of their whole trip, scooting through a Siberian winter that saw temperatures drop to below -40˚C!

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Jay Worthy

Jay is an experienced Executive and CEO turned Life Coach. Racing up the career ladder just like everyone else, he got to the top, took up his spot in the corner office and had an epiphany. He had been climbing the wrong ladder and the view wasn’t at all what he expected! Later, after moving back to the UK, Jay struggled with depression and a loss of identity. Through the power of nature, he was able to reconnect with his adventurous childhood and ultimately taught his heart how to sing again. He believes in the power of living adventurously and that pushing your boundaries, exploring the world around you and finding out how tall you are is the secret to a happy life.


Helen Lloyd

Helen spends most of her time travelling. Even when she’s working to save up for the next trip, she maintains the freedom of an itinerant lifestyle by residing in her van. For her first big overland journey, she cycled from the UK to Cape Town. Since then she’s pedalled down North and Central America and across Asia, pack-rafted in Nicaragua, bought and ridden a horse in Kyrgyzstan, and paddled a pirogue down the Niger River in Guinea.


Andy Hodgson & Rosalind Chaston

In 2018, Andy became the first person to ever row solo around Britain – it took him 174 days and 16kg of chocolate! For his next adventure he’s being joined by fellow shipmate Rosalind, to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in a very tiny boat.

They’ll be telling tales from their time at sea, recounting Andy’s experience rowing around the coast of Britain, and sharing their plans for the Atlantic. They’ll also bring along their ocean rowing boat, Spirit, for you to get on board and snoop around!

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Steph Jeavons

Steph’s the first person ride a motorcycle on all seven continents while circumnavigating the globe. This whopping around the world trip took 4 years to complete and since then, she has gone on to lead the first all-female team of motorcyclists to Everest Base Camp. Impressive stuff! Steph has just launched a new book about the trip and her life in general called ‘Home By Seven’.

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Brit On A Bike

Back in 2019 Jack Groves set off with the intention of breaking the record for the youngest person to ride a motorcycle around the world. No doubt he anticipated he'd have to jump through many hurdles as part of the trip but a pandemic would have been unimaginable. To his credit, he was one of the few people to stick it out throughout the various lockdowns and border closures and is now approaching his return to the UK with one hell of a story. 


Tiffany Coates

Tiffany is probably the world’s foremost female motorcycle traveller having ridden over 300,000 miles, crossing every continent, some of them several times. Tiffany not only has an international reputation as a traveller, but she is also a highly qualified and experienced self-defence tutor. She’s taught classes all over the world with a focus on inspiring and enabling others to travel.

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EmmaLucy Cole

Writer, explorer, and researcher EmmaLucy Cole has been visiting the Tarrabin Bedouin in Sinai for more than a decade. She spent two years living in the community from 2011-13, and has undertaken multiple shorter journeys, including by motorcycle. She will talk about the experiences of living in Sinai, her PhD on how Bedouin are represented by travel writers, and ‘Downward Exploration’.


Tom Warburton

Tom is a polar explorer and adventurer, attempting to become the youngest person to walk to the South Pole solo.

Tom has completed expeditions to the Vatanjokull Glacier in Iceland and the Hardangerjoulken Glacier in Norway. He’s survived sneaky wolves and one of Iceland’s biggest storms. 

Not just happy in the snow, this summer Tom is canoeing the length of Ganges with his colleague Dan Mills.

Travelling the length of the river and exploring its legacy and the environmental impact it has to not only India and the world. 


Richard Psyhorn

Richard is the Managing Director of Survival Wisdom, a Cornish based Survival and Resilience training organisation. He spent 30 years as a Force Protection specialist in the UK Armed Forces; specialising in protection of high value assets in threat environments around the world.

Having experience of 10 operational tours of duty, he has survived in environments from the Middle East to Central American jungles; having completed some of the most arduous and toughest courses within the British military. 

We've partnered with Richard and Survival Wisdom for the festival and he'll be delivering workshops in some of the crucial skills needed for adventure.

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Kim & Robin Grigsby

Kim and Robin have had a travel obsession since the pair met in 2004. Since then, they've worked their way up to a full on expedition vehicle, a Defender 110. In that vehicle they've, so far, visited 52 countries, 4 continents, 3 Oceans, 8 seas and a lot of pubs! Their last trip was 100,000 miles and over 2 years living in the Defender. They know almost all there is to know about International Overlanding and it won't be just them joining us, so will the iconic Defender!


Matt Newbury & Sophie Pierce

Matt and Sophie are a pair of wild swimming fanatics, who will be chatting about their passion for a sport that has exploded in popularity over the last 12 months. They will also be sharing some of the amazing locations from their brand new book, Wild Swimming Walks: Cornwall. They will be proving that you don’t need to hop on a plane to enjoy incredible adventures on your own doorstep.


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