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Buy a ticket, plant a tree

Offset your adventures.

This year's Armchair Adventure Festival is guaranteed to do one thing and that's leave you inspired to travel. There is no way you're going to be able to sit there and hear tales of adventurers packrafting through Nicaragua, motorcycling through the Andes and walking along the Nile without wanting to do something similar yourself! That's the whole point of the festival and we hope that you will leave feeling inspired to travel to far flung destinations and then come back and tell us all about it over a pint in The Three Wheels Festival Pub.

However, we also recognise that with all of this amazing adventure travel comes a serious impact on the planet. The climate crisis is heating up and we're contributing to it with our crazy trips and incredible adventures. Does that mean we should stop adventuring? Absolutely not. Nothing makes you more inspired to protect the planet than witnessing the amazing environments we stand to lose! What it means is that we should try to travel more responsibly and one way you can do that is by planting trees to offset your carbon emissions. Though it wont solve all of the world's environmental problems on it's own, we think that off-setting our adventures is a step in the right direction. So to get the ball rolling we're pledging to plant a tree for every ticket sold to the Armchair Adventure Festival.

To do this we've teamed up with Eden Reforestation Projects and we'll be making a donation to them in order to plant what we hope will be around 500 trees! Better still, the guys at Eden Reforestation Projects plant trees in developing countries and employ people from poor and marginalised communities to do the work. That means that at the same time as tackling climate change, the tree you plant by attending the festival will also be acting to alleviate extreme poverty in the developing world. It's only one tree a ticket but we hope that this little gesture will encourage all of our festival goers to offset their adventures for years to come!

As we continue to grow the Armchair Adventure Festival we hope to continually work out ways to lower our impact on the environment. We've also already pledged to make the Armchair Adventure Festival free from single use plastics and we welcome any other tips on how we can make sure our festival protects our planet.

To come along to the first ever in-person Armchair Adventure Festival and plant a tree while you're at it, grab a ticket here. Early bird prices end this month so grab it now for the cheapest rates!

To off-set your adventure visit Eden Reforestation Project here.


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