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Meet the Armchair Adventure Festival team

“Who is behind all these magnificent events”, we hear you cry. Well wonder no longer, for here we have the backstage line-up:

First up we have the hosts; The Sidecar Guys, Matt and Reece. These chaps hold the Guinness World Record for being the first people to circumnavigate the planet by scooter and sidecar, hence the name. As we all know, once the adventure bug bites there’s no getting rid of it, pandemic or no pandemic. Ever the optimists, Matt and Reece used a global lockdown to their advantage; the hole that physical adventure left could be filled by virtual adventure, in a way never achieved before. Voilà, the Armchair Adventure Festival was born!  You’ll catch Matt and Reece introducing and interviewing guests on our Film Nights and Festivals but they also do a lot of work backstage – everything from brand design to booking guests.

When the lads aren’t wearing their Armchair Adventure Festival hats they’re either going on, writing about or filming their sidecar adventures. During lockdown they’ve had time to focus on telling the story of their epic 34,000 mile world-first trip and you can now read all about it in their new book  “Our Ridiculous World (Trip)”. The book’s mainly been written by Matt, while Reece has been working on a three-part film series about their adventure which will be released in 2021.

Matt and Reece staring at the snowy ride home along the Trans-Siberian Highway in mid-winter!

Next up we have Todd, the guy who pulls it all together. Todd’s can-do attitude is the reason the original Armchair Adventure Festival took place just three weeks after Matt and Reece came up with the idea! He’s our somewhat mystical tech guy; he keeps the show running smoothly in his digital domain. An internet whiz, we’d be lost without him. In contrast to the usual tech guy stereotype, Todd is quite the adventurer himself, having completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh challenge; not one for the faint-hearted!

Sian helps on the social media side of things and is always shouting about the next Armchair Adventure Festival event online. She has loads of experience in this field so it’s great to have her on board. When she’s not tweeting in cyberspace, she’s out in the sticks with real-life birds, trail riding on her motorbike. She may be pint-sized, but she’ll pick any bike up and make it look easy!

Victoria is our resident writer; she pens all the Armchair Adventure Festival news articles and press releases. Adventure and motorcycles are lifelong passions of hers, which lend themselves very nicely to the Armchair Adventure Festival. She has three bikes and counting!


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