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Take a trip around the world with RTW Roxy

An inspiring talk from adventure motorcyclist 'Round The World Roxy'.

To celebrate a year since the first ever Armchair Adventure Festival, we're releasing some of our favourite talks, interviews and panel discussions from the Winter 2020 Festival. This content was previously only available for free when it was live but we thought since we won't be going 'live in your living rooms' for a crazy amount of time this weekend, we should at least provide you with a weekend full of existing Armchair Adventure content!

We hope you enjoy this brilliant talk from Roxy.

Roxy has had a love affair with bikes since her late teens. After passing her test, she got several European trips under her belt whilst dreaming of going round the world. Realising it was now or never, she was just 23 when she set off on her solo circumnavigation of the globe on a 20-year-old sports bike.

Roxy's inspiring talk takes us to the giddy heights of the world's highest mountain pass in the Himalayas! We hope you enjoy:

For more inspiring talks from adventurers like Roxy join us at the next Armchair Adventure Festival from 24th -26th September.

If you're up for travelling to Cornwall, UK, you can join us in person or if you'd rather continue your adventures from your armchair you can join us for free for the virtual festival. Just sign up for your free front row seat here.


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