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The Ultimate Armchair Adventure Christmas Gift List

Ho, ho, ho!

December has arrived, snow has fallen on AAF HQ and it's officially okay to talk about Christmas!

We love a bit of festive fun at this time of year and we love using it at as a chance to support small businesses and adventurers within our community. So in no particular order, here's a festive gift list for the adventurer in your life and buying anything off it will help support the people that make the festival great!


'Local' by Alistair Humphrey's and a Splash Map of your local area

Forget wine and cheese, cookies milk or turkey and gravy, the best pairing you'll find this Christmas is Al Humphrey's new book 'Local' and a Splash Map of your local area. Al's new book explores the idea of adventure in your backyard very literally. The concept: draw a one mile kilometre square on a map in your local area and explore it meticulously. Taking the time to really discover what's on your doorstep could give you a new understanding of where you live and provide lots of exciting, affordable adventure! This book is all about what Al took from exploring 20sqm's in his local area. Splash Maps have jumped on it and are offering up a whopping 30% discount on any personalised map of your local area with the discount code 'local'. What a cracking Christmas deal! Supporting a great advocate of the festival in Al and a sponsor of the festival in Splash Maps, while exploring your back yard, no brainer!

The Intrepid Explorer Travel Wash

We've all been on the receiving end of that Boots special soap set at Christmas and though a Lynx Africa shower gel and deodorant combo might have had you smelling good in the noughties, it's time to level-up your soap game and get with the programme in 2023. The future: powdered soap. You heard it here first folks, The Intrepid Explorer Travel Wash has 110 washes in it and weighs just 33 grams. You're saving plastic from the oceans, weight in your backpack and cash too! It's a cheap and environmentally friendly way to wash everyday!

Larking About in Land Rovers - Toby Savage

Toby Savage's tales of adventure from his 50 years of adventure travel in Land Rovers have become part of the furniture at AAF and Toby will be coming back for #AAF24. Now you can enjoy Toby's stories and images all year round with his first coffee table book! Better still this is a chance to become an early adopter and support something brand new as Toby is currently running a Kickstarter to get it published. Check out the kickstarter below and get your pre-order in for what we're sure will be a cracking read!

Our Ridiculous World (Trip) - Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes (AAF Founders)

Okay we know we've probably beaten this drum enough but if you're new here, then this whole festival came about because of our trip around the world by scooter and sidecar. We racked up 34,000 miles through 35 countries, became the Guinness World Record holders for the longest journey by scooter and sidecar and wrote the whole story down for you to read! The book has received glowing reviews from the likes of Ted Simon, Alistair Humphreys and many more. Worth a read if you fancy a heart warming story of a couple of idiots being helped around the world by people they met on the way.

Tickets to Armchair Adventure Festival 2024

We obviously couldn't leave this out! If you've not bought your tickets to #AAF24 yet then what on earth are you hanging around at? With the world's most adventurous speakers, the South West's best live music, loads of fantastic activities to get involved with and the most amazing location, The Armchair Adventure Festival is undoubtedly the UK's best celebration of adventure travel. Early bird tickets are still available and if you buy yours as a gift before Christmas and email us to let us know it's a gift, we'll send you an Armchair Adventure Festival notebook to give that special adventurer something to open on Christmas day. Don't forget too you can give the gift of two extra days holiday with the two night add on too.

A donation to the #GETOUTDOSTUFF adventure travel grant

Why not make a donation to our adventure travel grant in somebody's name this Christmas? You'll be funding the adventures of people within the AAF community and making cool stuff happen! It's a

fantastic cause in memory of a great person so well worth supporting. Also, side note - it's still possible to apply until 20th December and this grant could fund your next adventure in 2024!

A Welsh holiday at MotoCamp Wales

In amongst the rolling hills of North Wales you'll find the magnificent Moto Camp Wales. This beautiful spot has been set up by adventure motorcyclist Steph Jeavons. Steph spoke at the festival in 2022 about her world first circumnavigation of the globe on a CRF called Rhonda the Honda. Now, Steph spends most of her time adventuring in Snowdonia and all from her amazing base. We've been to stay twice since it opened and it's just awesome.. Tonnes of great trails, green lanes and roads on your doorstep plus amazing, affordable accommodation and very welcoming, free range chickens. Prices start from £100 per night for a lodge.

A Bounty Adventure with Conrad Humphrey's

Anyone who has been to AAF will know it wouldn't be the same with out Conrad Humphreys. He tells brilliant tales of adventure on the stage, takes people out to explore Plymouth Sound on his boat and even dishes out the odd shot of Bounty's End Rum around the campfire. But did you know you can actually take to the water with Conrad all year round aboard Bounty? You'll be able to do it again at #AAF24 but if you happen to be in the area or just fancy a second South West holiday then why not join Conrad for a longer tour of Britain's National Marine Park?

A Sidecar Experience with The Sidecar Guys

Did you know that when we're not running the festival our day job is running sidecar experience days? We operate a fleet of adventure ready sidecars in the North East of England and run both passenger and rider experiences. So whether you fancy a sight seeing day exploring Northumberland's amazing coast and castles or an adrenaline filled ride along the areas amazing green lanes, we've got you covered. We can take groups of up to eight people and we run passenger experiences where you experience life in the sidecar and rider experiences where you get behind the handlebars. Prices start from £145 per person for a 3 hour experience.


That should be enough to fill your stocking! We hope you have an adventurous Christmas and travel filled New Year!


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