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Sail Plymouth Sound

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Fancy Sailing Plymouth Sound With headline Armchair Adventure speaker Conrad Humphreys. You are in the right place! Click on the link below to reserve your place. You'll explore Drake's Island and some of the incredible sights that Plymouth Sound has to offer. Keep an eye out for whales and dolphins too as they are regularly sighted! More details to be released.

Who is Conrad Humphreys?

Conrad Humphreys

Conrad is a triple round the world yachtsman. He competed as the youngest entrant in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. he led his team to victory in the BT Global Challenge and became the fifth British yachtsman in history to complete the legendary Vendée Globe, single-handed, non-stop around the world.


Most recently Conrad sailed 4,000 miles across open ocean in a recreation of Captain Blight's epic story of survival, Mutiny on the Bounty, for Channel 4. It is on this exact same replica boat that you'll be going off on a mini adventure with Conrad. How cool is that!?

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