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The Armchair Adventure Bootcamp is here to help you go on the adventure of your dreams. With workshops on everything from funding to photography, it’s a crash course on how to make that dream trip a reality, and how to capture the memories when you go.


Our catch up service gives you access to over 20 hours of workshops, presentations and masterclasses from the world's leading adventurers and industry experts.

You'll also get access to our fully interactive Bootcamp map. You can click through the icons to see content from partners and even jump in to The Three Wheels pub where you'll find further bonus sessions.

Grab YOUR  catch up  ticket now!

Tickets are just £45 and include:
✔  20+ hours of content from leading adventurers and industry experts
✔  6 months to catch up on any content you miss
✔  FREE festival notebook posted to your door
✔  Access to the fully interactive Bootcamp map 
✔  Insanely inspiring sessions that will leave you ready for adventure!


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includes free festival notebook (worth £10) posted to your door! 

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Informative masterclasses, workshops and presentations

The sessions at Bootcamp are all delivered by the world's leading adventurers. The information provided will save you time and money in your planning and make sure you have the best experience when you finally set off on that adventure of a life time. 

Expect over 20 hours of sessions across two stages! Sessions include:

  • Expedition planning

  • Adventure photography 

  • Funding and sponsorship

  • Travel writing 

  • Adventure filmmaking 

  • Many, many more!

There are also individual sessions on different kinds of adventures including adventure motorcycling, bike packing, ocean rowing and more. 

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Inspiring presentations, films and live Q&A's

As well as all of the informative sessions Bootcamp will feature some inspiring presentations and the odd adventure film including Sea Gypsies: The Far Side of the World.

You'll also hear from adventurers who are currently out there adventuring! We chatted with Kinga Tanajewska, Chris the coast walker and many more! There's nothing more inspiring than catching someone and listening to them when they're right in the middle of an adventure. We love hearing about what they've been up to and what they've got planned next.


what a line up!

An interactive experience

Most of the action takes place on the 'stages' but you'll also get access to the full Bootcamp interactive map with all kinds of other adventurous content. 

On the interactive map will be features like the the catch up cinema, where you can watch some of our favourites from the years that have gone by..

One of the highlights of Bootcamp is the virtual Thee Wheels Pub. In there you'll find various bonus sessions including Tiffany Coates's safetu masterclass and Austin Vince's Adventure travel filmmaking class.

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What sessions are included?

Make that dream trip a reality and join us for the ultimate adventure planning summit! 

Bonus Screening of Sea Gypsies and Q&A with Director Nico Edwards!
The vessel is Infinity, a 120ft hand-built sailing ketch that plies the Pacific Ocean on a never ending voyage of nomadic exploration. In early Feb 2014, during the iciest year on record in the Southern Ocean, Infinity and her crew of 16 left New Zealand on an 8,000 mile pacific crossing to Patagonia, with a stop in Antarctica. Along the way, they battled a hurricane of ice in the Ross Sea, struggled with compounding mechanical and flooding problems, undertook a mission with the radical environmental group Sea Shepherd, tore every sail they had, and unwittingly went further south than any sailing vessel in 2014. This expedition was undertaken with a non-ice-reinforced gypsy boat built by hand in the 1970's, crewed by a band of wandering miscreants, with no permits or insurance and an almost non-existent budget. This is a story about sailing, the camaraderie of a shared struggle and the raw awe inspiring power of the natural world.
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Grab YOUR  Catch up  pass now!

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