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5 Adventurers to follow in 2022

Get Inspired for Adventure in 2022

2022 will be the year we return to proper adventures! We're feeling super positive about what this year has in store but get that's not the same for everyone. Maybe you're still isolating or shielding, or maybe you just have the January blues and all this Omicron garbage is making that feel even worse? Well, we think a lot of how we're feeling comes from the people we surround ourselves with so this year we're swamping our social media feeds with positivity and to do that we're following all of our favourite adventurers!

We've trawled through hashtags to find hundreds of people who inspire us with their everyday posts and we've picked out five of our favourites below who we think you should follow too if you want to be inspired for adventure in 2022!

Check out everyone we follow on our Instagram on the button below and give us a follow so we can follow you back and get inspired by your adventures in 2022 too!


Kinging-It are a must follow if you're into adventure travel. Craig and Aimee are full time adventurers and YouTubers who put out content weekly about their adventures. Their content is often hilarious and really well put together with some cracking footage. Currently they're in Morocco living and touring in Custard, their converted bus.


Kinga Tanajewska (AKA On Her Bike) is currently riding through Botswana and has been on the road since 2017. Kinga's enthusiasm for travel is infectious and you can see how she has racked up over 100K followers. Kinga doesn't know where her journey will end so follow along to find out where she rides to next!


Chaz Powell (AKA The Wildest Journey) won the award for Explorer of the Year from the Scientific Exploration Society in 2021. His world-first source to sea expeditions in Africa have taken him on some serious adventures and he shares great images and stories from his travels. At the moment Chaz's feed is dominated by content relating to setting up a completely off-grid life in Scotland's far north - well worth a follow!


Sandra and Fiona (AKA Adv Travel Bug) quit their jobs in 2018 to travel the world. They live on the road and are currently cruising around Spain on a couple of Triumph Tiger 900's. Warning: scrolling through their feed will make you think about quitting your job and hitting the road too!


Jamie Ramsay's human powered adventures will make you think anything is possible. His next level adventures have taken him all around the world and have included running (yes RUNNING) from Vancouver to Buenos Aires! Jamie's constantly on adventures and you can guarantee he'll be up to something inspiring in 2022!

We hope you found that mini list helpful and please let us know if there's anyone you follow online who we should! We're always on the hunt for new adventurous content.

Remember that for the ultimate inspirational weekend of adventure you can join us at the Armchair Adventure Bootcamp in February. It's the adventure planning summit that is live in your living room and will be a full weekend of inspiring talks, workshops and masterclasses in all things adventure. Find out more here.

Here's to an adventurous 2022!


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