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Keis keeps us warm on our winter adventures 🔥

Keis apparel sponsor The Armchair Adventure Bootcamp

Keis Apparel are sponsoring this year's Armchair Adventure Bootcamp and we, Matt and Reece (founders of AAF), have been out on the road testing their heated kit!

We've been picked for their #inspiringriders campaign and have been lucky enough to get our hands on some of their brand new kit to put to the test throughout the winter! If you've followed our adventures for a while you'll know that we have more experience than most of adventure motorcycling in cold weather conditions. The last leg of our around the world by scooter and sidecar trip saw us take on the Trans-Siberian highway from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg... in winter. Temperatures dropped to a frosty -40C and some heated gear would have been a great idea but we didn't think that our beat-up bike would support the gear for the long stretches of wilderness!

Us feeling chilly in the Ural mountains with no heated kit!

Cut to a couple of years later and we've upgraded our three-wheeled ride from our barn-built sidecar combo to a brand new Ural Gear Up. Our new rig is more than capable of powering some decent heated gear so we've finally had the chance to see what it's like to be genuinely toasty on a winter ride!

The kit has been absolutely game changing. We've had our new rig on the road for a couple of weeks and have already racked up 500, genuinely warm, miles (in January/February!). We've got a heated jacket each and a couple of pairs of the heated gloves. The system works by us plugging a temperature controller into the bike, the jacket into the temperature controller and then the gloves into the jacket. Within seconds you start to feel the heat coming through the jacket and if you're in traffic, or the weather is a bit warmer, you genuinely have to turn it down to stop sweating.

We were riding the bike at around 1-2°C, in the rain and, with a waterproof jacket over the top, we genuinely didn't feel cold at all! Gone are the days of pulling into a coffee shop just to warm our shaking hands! Loads more time for riding! Over the next couple of weeks we'll be riding our Ural sidecar from our Experience Centre in the North East, over to Wales and then all the way down to Cornwall. That will be around a thousand miles so we'll check back in after that with a full review of the jackets and gloves we're using to let you know how they stand up to a few more miles on the road!

If you want to follow our mini UK road trip then check out @thesidecarguys on Instagram and Facebook and to find out more about Keis check out or come along to Bootcamp which Keis are sponsoring!


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