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£2600 raised for COCO by people sat in Armchairs!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Armchair Adventure Festival Winter edition and we’ve now had chance to ‘sit down’ and take stock!

Wow. What a weekend!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who came a long and made it one to remember.  We were live for a ridiculous 18 hours or so throughout the weekend and many of you stuck with us for the entire time! Huge thanks to all of our fantastic speakers who delivered brilliant presentations, took part in fun Q&A’s and shared incredible films! We thought everyone was great and you guys put on a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone who tweeted in pics of their set up, asked questions in the feed and chatted on the adventure board. You made it feel like a real life festival.

And our biggest thanks has to go to everyone who donated to the charity of the year COCO! You raised a staggering £2,600 not including gift aid. We think that’s a truly brilliant amount considering none of us left our living rooms! The money raised is going to an absolutely brilliant project too.

37 people like Felister who can get access to Sustainable Agriculture Training thanks to your donations

All of the money raised from the Armchair Adventure Festival Winter edition will go to COCO’s Sustainable Agriculture Training project in Western Kenya. The project trains women on how to grow enough healthy, nutritious food at home to feed their entire family as well as sell surplus at local markets. This leads to empowered communities who can support one and other and afford to send their children to school. With the training, women in the area are able to leave jobs in which they have to work 14 hours a day for 40p (2.8p an hour) and instead work their own land, make their own money and live healthy, happy lives! It costs £70 to train and equip one women in Bwayi. The festival raised £2,602. That’s 37 women who can receive this life changing training and improve the lives of their entire families. 37 families will now get access to healthy nutritious food and the children will be able to go to school just because you guys sat down and watched tales of adventure! Amazing!

Thanks to all. If you still wanted to donate and didn’t get around to it – the page is still live here.

Hopefully catch you at our next event – ‘Bootcamp‘ – find out more about it here.

Contributor: Matt Bishop

Matt’s one half of ‘The Sidecar Guys’ and when he’s not hosting the Armchair Adventure Festival or trying to sell you his book about riding around the world on a scooter and sidecar, he works part-time for COCO! That’s why we know they’re a good bunch who are well worth our support.


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