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No extra charge for live-in vehicles thanks to MotoFreight!

We're super pleased that this year we can keep our 'no extra-charge' policy for live-in vehicles thanks to support from MotoFreight!


MotoFreight have sponsored the live-in vehicle camping zones which means for another year at AAF there will be no extra charge to sleep in your van, motorhome, car or any other vehicle you would like to bring along!


That means that all you need is a weekend festival pass per person and you can roll over in your van, pop the kettle on and wake up to a view like this...

That means that if you're coming solo in your van you can park up and enjoy the best camping spot in Cornwall for 3 nights for just £43 a night. Plus you'll get access to the entire festival which includes the worlds most adventurous people, the South West's best live music and loads of great activities. It also includes access to hot showers and luxury toilets!


If you've not got your tickets yet then buy them here. This year's event will sell out and we will eventually run out of free van passes too so make sure you buy asap and click 'Bring your own live in vehicle' if you're sleeping in any kind of vehicle.

If you've already bought your tickets and haven't told us you're bringing your van then please grab a free live in vehicle pass as we will sell out and you will need one.

Don't forget too that you can park up for an extra two nights before the festival starts for just £30pp and enjoy the Rame peninsula while we're building the event too!

We look forward to seeing you in Cornwall!


MotoFreight Sponsor the Live in Vehicle Zone!

Whether you are an adventure traveller, tourer, are buying or selling classics and other vehicles or are relocating to another country, MotoFreight are here to help. MotoFreight are the international motorcycle transport specialists. With years of dedicated bike and vehicle shipping experience, Moto Freight will help you on your journey. You can find MotoFreight on Adventure Avenue at #AAF24 where you can quiz them about your shipping needs but if it can't wait that long then get in touch here. 



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