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5 Adventure Travel Films You Can Watch For Free

Ever since the launch of the first Armchair Adventure Festival in April 2020 we've been screening some of the world's best adventure travel films. After the first festival we continued with a series of adventure film screenings, before another festival and finally Bootcamp, all of which were streamed live in to your living room. In that time we've watched our fair share of stunning shorts and fabulous features, many of which are now available online and if you missed them at the time you can now watch them completely for free! With that in mind we've put together our top 5 adventure films previously screened at The Armchair Adventure Festival that you can now watch completely for free!

1. Africa By Kayak - Beau Miles

Beau Miles Africa by Kayak was a cracking addition to our October film night. In 2007 Beau attempted to Kayak 4000 miles from one side of Africa to the other. We'll say now more as it's a cracker with waves of excitement but if you fancy giving it a watch, then you can check it out on Beau's YouTube channel here. It's not his only film, he's got plenty of other great ones too! If you've got time, do make sure you also give 'The Human Bean' a watch.

2. Awaken - A SunGod Film

Awaken is a beautifully shot adventure film that follows 3 groups of winter adventurers as they are faced with the growing impact of climate change right on their doorstep. It balances their love for their surroundings and concern for what the future holds. No planes were used in the filming of Awaken and the cinematography is incredible. Check it out here.

3. The Spaghetti Police - Tim Wheatley

Only got a spare 2 minutes? Then check out this brilliant short. We loved it so much we played it twice! It's a cracking animated film that sees a family head off on holiday in a VW camper van only for them to find themselves in a spot of bother with The Spaghetti Police!

4. The Frozen Road - Ben Page

Completely self filmed, edited and produced, The Frozen Road follows Ben Page as he heads to the Canadian Artic Circle as part of his round the world by bicycle trip. Attempting to push himself to this absolute limits, camping in sub zero temperatures for days on end, with wolves lurking in the background, Ben soon realises it may have been a pedal push too far! It's well worth a watch, check it out here.

5. Ladakh: A Himalayan Adventure - Alex Chacon

The final film on this list is another short that is shot fantastically. Alex Chacon heads to Ladakh and films predominantly using a drone. The cinematography for it is unreal and once you've given it a watch, there will be no doubts on where you'll want to head off to on your next adventure! Check it out here.

So that's our top 5 completely free films. For more inspiring adventure travel films you can join us for Armchair Adventure Festival from 24th -26th September.

If you're up for travelling to Cornwall, UK, you can join us in person or if you'd rather continue your adventures from your armchair you can join us for free for the virtual festival. Just sign up for your free front row seat her


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