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A tasty new partnership – Free Chocolate!

Excellent news! We’ve teamed up with Tony’s Chocolonely for the launch of Our Ridiculous World (Trip)!

Just for today, every order placed in the Armchair Adventure Festival shop will come with a seriously scrumptious bar of chocolate! What a treat!

Click here to get your copy of our book and a bar of chocolate!

We know what you’re thinking – “great news, I love my choccy, but why are you giving it away?”

Well, our new book, ‘Our Ridiculous World (Trip)’, which we’re launching tonight, tells the story of our journey riding around the world raising awareness of modern slavery. On our 34,000 mile long  trip we met with ten anti-slavery organisations and asked them about ways in which we can all help end modern slavery forever.

One of the ways in which every single organisation said we can help is through choosing to make small changes in our shopping habits and support organisations trying to stop slavery, rather than supporting big corporations that allow it in their production lines.

One such organisation trying to stop it is the wonderful Tony’s Chocolonely! They’re taking on one of the worst industries in the world for modern slavery  – Cocoa production.

Tony’s goal is to make the whole chocolate industry 100% slave free. Not just their chocolate. The whole industry. That is an absolutely huge task.

In Ghana and the Ivory Coast alone there is estimated to be 30,000 people living in modern slavery and the industry as a whole is totally unfair. Your average farmer is paid just $0.78 a day in Ghana. This forces whole families to have to stay home and work ridiculously long hours for very little money, including the children. 2.1 million children in Ghana and the Ivory Coast are forced to stay home and work long hours in illegal conditions. Child labour is not modern slavery, it’s unjust but it’s a different thing altogether. The unfair price paid for the Cocoa bean in West Africa is at the root of the problem though. It forces whole families to work the land, just to survive. It deprives children of education and it provides traffickers with the perfect environment for preying on vulnerable families and trafficking people into slavery.

Tony’s Chocolonely is trying to change all of this and with all of our help they will. So what do we have to do to help? Well, that’s the good bit – eat their god damn gorgeous chocolate – that’s all! Just buy their chocolate and scoff the lot next time your sat in watching the Armchair Adventure Festival.

It’s a no brainer – eat chocolate – help end modern slavery! That’s the kind of activism we’re in for!

To make sure you’re 100% on board though Tony’s have given us some bars to give away for free so you can see that fighting modern slavery tastes good!

So, all you have to do to bag yourself a freebie is buy a copy of our book from the Armchair Adventure Festival shop before midnight tonight! If you’ve already pre-ordered your book then grab something else a mug, a t-shirt or even a sticker and we’ll include a bar with your order.

If you want to buy some more chocolate, learn about the issue and find out other ways you can help make chocolate slave free then visit Tony’s Chocolonely here.  Thanks Tony’s!


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