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Applications now open for the #GetOutDoStuff adventure travel grant!

Applications are now open for #GETOUTDOSTUFF adventure travel grants! Thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of the Armchair Adventure Festival community and the support of the Change Your World Fund there is more than £5,000 up for grabs in #GETOUTDOSTUFF grants!

Remember ANYBODY can apply for funding through the #GETOUDOSTUFF adventure travel grant and the sole purpose of the grant is to encourage more people to #GETOUTDOSTUFF!

We've split the available funding in to three award categories. See the full list and some quick explainer videos on the buttons below:


Maximum amount £3,000 | 1 available.

This grant is to be awarded for an epic adventure! It can be any kind of adventure and anyone can be undertaking it. So whether you're planning on crossing the Atlantic on a pedalo or cycling around the world on your BMX we want to hear from you. To win this one you have to be really getting out and doing stuff! Check out the full criteria here.



Maximum amount £1,000 | 1 available.

This grant is in memory of Alistair Farland. Alistair sadly lost his life while riding his motorbike from Ushuaia to Alaska. Alistair was 24 when he lost his life on his adventure. His trip was intended to inspire more people of his age to take on adventures and see the world. This award is to go to anyone under the age of 30. Check out the full criteria here.


Maximum amount £500 | multiple available.

This grant is designed to help YOU take on YOUR personal 'Everest'. It doesn't need to a be a world first, Guinness world record breaking skateboarding trip around the moon. This one is to help you finally take on that adventure you've been meaning to do that is personal to you. Check out the full criteria here.

So there it is! £5,000 up for grabs to fund your adventures. If you're thinking about applying then please just go for it! We want to hear from you and you have nothing to lose! Applications are open now and they close on the 20th December. Please share this information with any groups or individuals who might benefit from it. And please do #GETOUTDOSTUFF and when you do, use #GETOUTDOSTUFF so we can see what you've been getting up to and reshare you're adventures!

We hope that this time next July you'll either be joining us for a talk from #GETOUTDOSTUFF funded adventurers at The Armchair Adventure Festival or on a #GETOUTDOSTUFF adventure yourself!


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